Mystery Capsule

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Mystery Capsule is an item capsule, acquired at the end of Mothership War or by winning the Domination Event. Its random content is shown below.

3728402857.png PET V2 Upgrade Card Fragment
3728402857.png PET V3 Upgrade Card Fragment
3737566935.png Mystery Data
3726901617.png Boss Strengthening Card Fragment
3728366568.png Revolt Ignition Token
3728366571.png Pandea Token
3728366570.png Phillon Token
3737558709.png Prefix Armor Super Gamble Card
3737558671.png Suffix Armor Super Gamble Card
3737594181.png Prefix Std. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593549.png Suffix Std. Wpn.Super Gamble Card
3737593543.png Prefix Adv. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593561.png Suffix Adv. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593801.png Prefix Removal Card
3737593795.png Suffix Removal Card
3737582999.png Hyper Enchant Item Protect Card (E12)
3737582669.png Enchant Chance +80% Card
3737582669.png Enchant Chance +90% Card
3728402519.png PET V-2 Upgrade Card
3728402519.png PET V-3 Upgrade Card
3737557289.png Ancient Matter
3728346613.png Hyper Std. Reat. Card [+2,5%]
3728346575.png Hyper Adv. Reat. Card [+2,5%]
3728346561.png Hyper Std. Accuracy Card [+2,5%]
3728346587.png Hyper Adv. Accuracy Card [+2,5%]
3728346407.png Hyper Std Pierce Card [+2,5%]
3728346425.png Hyper Adv. Pierce Card [+2,5%]
3728346419.png Hyper Defense Card [+2,5%]
3728346373.png Hyper Evasion Card [+2,5%]
3737582999.png Hyper Enchant Item Protect Card (E13)
3737566923.png Red Token
3737595215.png Fragment of a Legendary Gamble Capsule
3737582669.png Enchant Chance +100% Card
3728346005.png Hyper Improvement Card
3737556997.png CR-Points Capsule
3740685113.png Bygeniou MS Token
3740685061.png Arlington MS Token