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Daily Gem.png

There are currently 5 Slotmachines available for you to use. You use gem/token on corresponding machine (e.g.Red Token => Red Slotmachine).

Daily Gem

Daily Slotmachine.png

Given once per day at 20:00 and on your first server join daily or craftable with 3 Daily Gem Fragments

You acquire Daily Gem Fragments from events like Strategic Point, when they finish.

Possible rewards

3737593607.png Random Mark Capsules
3737593607.png Random Weapon Effect Capsules
3737593607.png Random Weapon Contour Capsules
3737574749.png Random Reward Capsules
3737593607.png Random Name Access. Capsules
Legendary Weap. Gamble Capsule Icon.png Legendary Weap. Gamble Capsule
3737597441.png Contour Collection Capsules
3737585379.png CPU Capsules
3737585379.png SPI Capsules
CRP Big Icon.png CRP Capsules
3737585379.png Mystery Capsules
3740690485.png Legendary fixes
3737554969.png PET Sockets
3728060887.png Nation Name Card
3728372367.png Cosmetic Token
Character Glow Card - Red.png Character Glow Cards
Armor Glow Card - Red.png Armor Glow Cards
Defense 2.5.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+2,5%]
Defense 5.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+5%]
Defense 7.5.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+7,5%]
Defense 10.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+10%]
3737582999.png Hyper Enchant Protection Cards
3737582669.png Enchant Chance Cards
3737575063.png Bosses minerals

Red Slotmachine

Red Tokens have their special crafting recipe, with using Chips and Energy Packs to craft Mystery Data and Glory of Influence.

Red Token Craftingv2.png

Possible rewards

3737578441.png Supercluster orbs
3737557043.png WP Capsules
3740690485.png Gamble Capsules
3737594193.png S-Type Kits
3737581541.png Other Tokens
3737594315.png Advanced brigade cards
3737582999.png Hyper Enchant Item Protect Cards
3737582669.png Enchant Chance Cards
3737577767.png IF charms & turkeys
NGC Mineral Capsule.png NGC Mineral Capsule
3737557289.png Ancient Matter
3737553999.png Mysterious Code - Red
Defense 5.png Hyper [+5%] Cards
Defense 7.5.png Hyper [+7,5%] Cards
Defense 10.png Hyper [+10%] Cards
Cold Storm.png Boss Weapons
3738634421.png Boss Armors
Dragon's Blessing Fragments.png Dragon's Blessing Fragments

Green Slotmachine

Possible rewards

3728366571.png Pandea tokens
3737578475.png Solar Orb
3737593773.png Chrome Item Seeker (1H)
3738436167.png Fragment of a Green Token
3737558523.png Other Tokens
IconTransparent.png Elite Skill Opening Card
3740690485.png Gamble Capsule
3737231829.png Fragment of a Gamble Capsule
3737582999.png Hyper Enchant Item Protect Cards
3737582669.png Enchant Chance Cards
3737584757.png A-Type SP Kits
3737347215.png PET Super Gamble Cards
Pet Upgrade Card.png PET Upgrade Cards
3737570289.png Engine Cards
3737570269.png Radar Cards
3737576581.png Attachment Cards
3737593607.png Random Mark Capsules
3737593625.png Character Change Card
3737587063.png Character Name Change Card
3737563127.png Endurance Reset Card
3737593515.png Blessing of Angels
3728372367.png Cosmetic Token
Boss Strengthening Card Fragment.png Boss Strengthening Card Fragment
3737585379.png EXP Capsule
3737599141.png Search Eye
3728372259.png CPU Upgrade Card
Engine Icon.png 15 Days X Engines
3737576621.png IF Modules
3737554969.png PET Sockets

Blue Slotmachine

Possible rewards

3728366568.png Revolt Ignition Token
3737578493.png Quasar orb
3737593409.png Chrome Picture of Lover (1H)
3737558309.png Fragment of a Blue Token
3737583329.png Other Tokens
IconTransparent.png Special Skill Opening Card
3737570471.png Metamorphose Mixture
3737571163.png Seraphim Bible
Armor Upgrade Item Capsule.png Armor Upgrade Item Capsule
3737583303.png Turkeys charms
3737594207.png S-Type Condensed Energy/Shield Kits
3737584921.png A-Type Energy/Shield Kits
3737347215.png PET Super Gamble Cards
3737558709.png Armor Super Gamble Cards
3737593801.png Prefix/Suffix Removal Cards
Pet Fragment Card.png PET V2 Upgrade Card Fragments
NGC Mineral Capsule.png NGC Mineral Capsule
3737570151.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards
Defense 2.5.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+2,5%]
Defense 5.png Hyper Armor Enchant Cards [+5%]
3737597441.png Contour Collection Capsules
3737557043.png WP Capsules
3737553985.png Mysterious Code - Blue
3737586317.png 1 Day Membership Ticket
3737575623.png Infinity Field Acces Card
3738634421.png Boss Armors
3738631545.png Special Armors

* Special Armors include: Reiz Panzer Veil, Reiz Panzer Defender, Reiz Panzer Guarder, Reiz Panzer Binder, Shield Panzer Veil, Shield Panzer Defender, Shield Panzer Guarder and Shield Panzer Binder.

Yellow Slotmachine

Possible rewards

3728366570.png Phillon Token
3737578487.png Galaxy Orb
3737593435.png Chrome Lucky Coin (1H)
3738436185.png Fragment of a Yellow Token
3737581541.png Other Tokens
IconTransparent.png Final Skill Opening Card
3737570477.png Soul of Laplace
3737571171.png Gematria Scripture
Weapon Upgrade Item Capsule.png Weapon Upgrade Item Capsule
3737577767.png IF Charms
3737582669.png Enchant Chance Cards
3737594181.png Std. Wpn. Super Gamble Cards
3737593543.png Adv. Wpn. Super Gamble Cards
3737593801.png Prefix/Suffix Removal Cards
Pet Fragment Card.png PET V3 Upgrade Card Fragments
3737577075.png Mineral Capsule
3737570075.png Hyper Weapon Enchant Cards
Std. Pierce 2.5.png Hyper weapon enchant cards [+2.5%]
Std. Pierce 5.png Hyper weapon enchant cards [+5%]
3737593607.png Random Weapon Contour Capsule
3737593607.png Random Weapon Effect Capsule
3737595235.png Ammunition Recharge Box
3737566755.png Strengthened Search Eyes
PVP Token.png PVP Token
Gold Coin Icon.png Gold coin
3737580887.png Hax Charm (5H)
3737586777.png New Goggles (90 Day)
3737593475.png NGC Weapon Upgrade Card
3738526601.png NGC Weapons
3738518717.png Boss Weapons
3738521997.png Special Yellow Weapons*

* Special Yellow Weapons include: Lion Sniper, Power Hunter, Hammer, Ace Arrow and Speed Thunder.

Green, Blue and Yellow token fragments are used to craft corresponding token in Factory.

Tokens Crafting.png

You can get the colored token fragments from event maps during the seasonal events and from Chrome Carriers in EP4 map.

All colored tokens can be bought from CRP Shop.