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Daily Gem.png

There are currently 5 Slotmachines available for you to use. You use gem/token on corresponding machine(e.g.Red Token => Red Slotmachine).

Daily Gem

Daily Slotmachine.png

Given once per day at 20:00 and on your first server join daily or craftable with 3 Daily Gem Fragments

You acquire Daily Gem Fragments from events like Strategic Point, when they finish.

Possible rewards include cosmetics like armor glows, name decoration wings, character glows, contours, V-2 marks, weapon effects & contours, and items like final boss equipment, enchant protection cards, chance cards, +% chance hyper cards.


Red Slotmachine

Red Tokens have their special crafting recipe, with using Chips and Energy Packs to craft Mystery Data and Glory of Influence.

Red Token Craftingv2.png

Possible rewards include boss equipment upgrade items, NGC weapon upgrade cards, PET upgrade cards, WP capsules, gamble capsules, rename cards, enchant protection cards, S-Type kits.

Green Slotmachine

Possible rewards include Souls of Laplace, Metamorphose Mixtures, Gematria Scriptures, Seraphim Bibles, gamble capsule fragments, WP capsules A-Type SP kits, 5h Hax charms, ammo refill boxes, red & blue codes, ionizing particles, ESOC, SSOC and FSOCs, stealth cards, character change cards, 86 IG and 96 BG engines, advanced brigade cards, 90d new goggles, search eyes, EXP capsules.

Blue Slotmachine

Possible rewards include boss tokens, gamble cards, unique weapons & armors, stealth cards, radar cards, gamble capsules, gamble capsule fragments, ionizing particles, phoenix cyan effect, search eyes, power capsules, A-Type kits, attachment shield & energy cards, IF charms & turkeys, engine cards, endurance reset cards, enchant protection cards, WP capsules, ammo refill boxes.

Yellow Slotmachine

Possible rewards include PvP tokens, cosmetic tokens, IF orbs, IF charms & turkeys, ancient matter, gamble capsules, gamble capsule fragments, hyper cards, random mark capsules, gamble cards, WP capsules, stealth cards, 1 day membership cards, autobuff & autokit socket, X engines, ammo refill boxes, A-Type kits, NGC weapons, ionizing particles.

Green, Blue and Yellow token fragments are used to craft corresponding token in Factory.

Tokens Crafting.png

You can get the colored token fragments from event maps during the seasonal events and from Chrome Carriers in EP4 map.

All colored tokens can be bought from CRP Shop.