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You can communicate on chat with other people.

You can select what chat you don't want to see, by clicking on little m button (down/left corner). This will automatically hide all messages from there.

You can click on little icons above chat box to change chat type. This will also automatically add corresponding prefix to your message.

Types of chat

Regular chat

Prefixes in chat
Chat Name Prefix
Local none
War ^
Trade $
Map !
Brigade @
Formation #
Global <
International &

Text color

You can customize your text color in Esc Menu. Additionally you can type colored text with prefixes below.

Prefix Color
\a #B2BEFF
\b #2C53FD
\c #00FFFF
\d #777777
\e #F5B930
\g #00FF00
\h #F4891E
\k #A64A0C
\l #00AAFF
\m #FF00FF
\o #77BB22
\p #FF66EE
\q #D0D0D0
\r #FF0000
\u #A135FF
\v #007400
\y #FFFF00

Special Chat

As a leader of nation or base owner, you have access to lead chat.




You can whisper people using "name text command.

Don't forget people using nation name card (colored nick). For them use "\ename\e text (BCU) or "\cname\c text (ANI) command.



- Apply text near your nickname using /ment text command

Additional stuff

Reject List

Reject List.png

Discord Chat

Thanks to our amazing devs, we can communicate with friends in-game using discord. All messages from Cross Nation chat, International chat, Trade chat and Speakers are show in official CR discord! You can even message in-game friends from your private discord. More info here.

Discord Chat.png