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Golden Mobs

Sandmall - Golden.png Gorgon - Golden.png Hell Flower - Golden.png

Most of normal mob type enemies, have their special Gold type. Golden mobs are stronger, have more health and drop much more rare loot. Some of those mobs have special name prefix or suffix.
If you kill enough mobs on one map, random Golden mob will spawn. You don't need to focus one normal mob to get its golden tier spawn. What Golden mob will spawn is completely random.

Chrome Carrier

Chrome Carrier.png Chrome Fighter.png

Chrome Carriers spawn exactly the same as Golden mobs. On top of that, to annoy you more, they can spawn Chrome Fighters.
Chrome Carriers can spawn in EP4 maps (NGC Chain/Barren Land maps).

Unknown Gears

Unknown B-Gear.png Unknown I-Gear.png Unknown M-Gear.png Unknown A-Gear.png

They're like Golden mobs but better with more rare drop. Each gear type has it's own variant.


Bifrons Gamma

Bifrons Gamma.png

Bifrons Gamma spawns when you damage any of NGCs Strategic Points.

Brute Piece

Brute Piece.png Brute.png

Brute Piece will spawn after you deal damage to Brute.

Eyes of Lilite

Eyes of Lilite.png Guardian of Vatallus.png

Eyes of Lilite will spawn after you deal damage to Guardian of Vatallus.

Coordinate Data Box

Coordinate Data Box Location 1.png Coordinate Data Box Location 2.png

Coordinate Data Box is a quest "monster" located in The Violence Blizzard valley in sector 7.

Escape Capsule

Escape Capsule.png Chaos Map.png

Escape Capsule is a quest "monster" located in Chaos. Multiple Capsules are spread across the map.

Symbol of Nation

Symbol of BCU.png Symbol of ANI.png

Symbol of nation is quest "monster".

Symbol of BCU is located in Nubarke Cave (middle).
Symbol of ANI is located in Gjert Road (middle, on top of tower).

List of mobs

BCU Maps


ANI Maps


Neutral / Other


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