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Hello there,

Welcome to a very in depth guide of the upmost popular gear, A-Gear. You wil be given texted tips and pictured weapons and armors to get as close as possible in explaining on how to run this gear properly. The recipes for making these armors will not be given, as its just a bunch of work not needing when you can simply find out for yourself ingame right-clicking on an item and clicking on recipe info. See: Recipe.


The photos and texted tips are builds battlefield tested in this server for 4 years now, by myself and other A-Gears that have played for awhile and this wiki is for explaining said builds that are the most viable ones for beginners and restarters (people who haven't played in awhile but have the grasp of game). This isn't something you should stick to, like mac to cheese. You are more than welcome to experiment on your own in weapons, armors and builds you think would best suit you.



The recomended engines for your AG would be these 3:

A-X Engine.png Accounter-A IX Accounter-A VI

Now, you could go and make some other obscure build of your own that would work mostly for you, but as for airsiege being +2, this is the way to go. The A-X of course giving you the most shield in your build, and Accounter 17 giving you the most defense. Pick is yours, you can go even lower level of engine to get even more defense for yourself, but u will lose out on speed by a long.

As for CPU, the only one i could recommend is Adagio:

Adagio V-3

There isn't anything else out there that would fit AGs as far as attack/defense build goes. My only suggestion for a build would be to go for 338 attack in stats and rest in whatever your preference is. Most of the AGs run around defense stats for whatever remains when you put 338 attack stats in. You can also go for shield, if surviving more than two GBMs in the face by BGs is your option. Hybrid builds are also welcome but not recommended by myself, unless you see yourself into making something unique.


The weapon list will quite sure be a little short than a weapon one due to how simple it is to build a smash. The list showing breakpoints is a certain fit on how I will make you understand on how to make a smash: 45 reattack and 56 reattack on every weapon I show you is going to kill 97% of this server 1 on 1, if you play your cards right, excluding MGs (you will need 34 reattack and arming yourself with patience for that one). The rest 3% will be just some random hybrid builds that even I don't understand and are short lived.

Honorable mentions: Legend Weapons, NGC Weapons, Alternative Weapons.

Breakpoints on standard weapons

Before we even start, I'd like to add the table of breakpoints for the specific purpose of building your gear around it, as most of the weapon builds for your standard weapon revolve around breakpoints. Breakpoints work as a kind of measurement of how much bullets u can fire at a certain frame per second, in this case 30 and 60. If u build the weapon in a certain breakpoint range u will minimize wasting extra cards on reattack since anything 10%-+ fires the same amount of bullets as the breakpoint reattack. 99% of standard weapons out there revolve around breakpoints for 60 fps since its no longer 2010 and everyone pretty much runs 60 fps on their computer.

30 Fps 60 Fps
4 4
12 12
19 19
26 26
34 34
41 41
49 49
56 56
63 63

Breakpoints are shown on the table on your right:

Pierce Smash

Katharsis of Bishop.jpg Scourge of Sekhmete.png

Katharsis of Bishop is a weapon legendary through the years of this game as a dangerous oponent to face with and have seen myself with my own eyes that the one wielding it in the server can camp a gate by himself with one hand and eat breakfast for morning with the other. In Chrome Rivals, it is a standard weapon being used for pierce and grinding mobs for exp/drops. Can be obtained as drop from Blue Bishop in G-ARK, Unknown AGs in Eopi, Boss weapon capsules, trading with players or Auction House. Scourge of Sekhmete is the endgame pierce weapon which derives from Katharsis of Bishop and has an added benefit of increased min-max damage and 2.5% pierce. The building is: Legend of Legend, Max of Max or Legend of Max, on on 56 reattack build (and variants of 15 reattack fixes if you are poor) or Bandit of Legend and Bandit of Max for 45 reattack fixes and anything in between mentioned, WHATEVER YOUR PREFERENCE IS. I cant honestly say the definitive endgame smash for pierce because so many of them use different fixes and smashes that i mentioned and went over 10 000 fame with them. The only thing I can say is that 56 reattack smash gives you more bullets per minute and 45 reattack smash gives you more min-max damage per shot. Whatever your playstyle in the future is, its worth asking around and figuring out what will you be carrying around. Or be me and out of fun make all of those variants and use them for whatever situation you want (BIG TIP: YOU WILL BE BROKE AND OUT OF WARPOINTS MULTIPLE TIMES, DO NOT TRY ON YOUR OWN, TRUST ME). Also, don't worry, you will get the hang of it on what you will use, it just takes time :).

The following are the most used enchants on Scourge of Sekhmete:

Against defense targets Against defense targets Against defense targets Against defense targets
Scourge of Sekhmete Pierce Meta 1.png Scourge of Sekhmete Pierce Meta 2.png Scourge of Sekhmete Pierce Meta 3.png Scourge of Sekhmete Pierce Meta 4.png

Probability Smash

Pyro Acid.jpg Hydra.png

Pyro Acid is less legendary than Katharsis sadly but still holds a symbol as one of more interesting designs. It can be dropped from Lord Kreacia in Dragon Lair, via Unknown AGs in Eopi, trading with players, Boss weapon capsules or Auction House. It is used primarily for killing IGs, evasion BGs and anything that for some reasons, has evasion. Hydra is the endgame accuracy weapon in Chrome Rivals, derives from Pyro Acid, and has an added benefit of min-max damage and 3% accuracy. Simple build, Legend of Legend with 45 reattack is my recommendation. 56 reattack Hydra would honestly be on my bottom build list if you are making multiple projects and for a reason: works only on unbuffed IGs and specifically evasion BGs. But with 45 reattack Hydra being so potent, you will have no problem dealing with them even with just that one.

The following are the most used enchants on Hydra:

Against evasion targets Against evasion targets
Hydra Prob Meta 1.png Hydra Prob Meta 2.png


Superior Inferno.jpg Cleansing Blaze.png Shamos Terol.png

Terols? I dont know i usually slap weight on them. Superior Inferno is Ordin's gunship weapon and its surely the fastest thing around. It drops from Ordin in Eopi, via Unkown Ags also in Eopi, trading with players, Boss weapon capsules or Auction House. The endgame terol is Cleansing Blaze and has an added benefit of extra min-max damage, extra accuracy and extra pierce. I wouldn't go far than making them Widely of Slam or one of those fixes mentioned and a 30% weight fix with pierce or accuracy and when you figure out after you go to negative weight how to get your total build to 79% weight (80% total weight will not let you boost so 79% is the limit) slap the rest of enchant to pierce or accuracy. Then again, be welcome to go reattack freak on these. Why is Shamos Terol added to this equation of terols? Simple. 100% base accuracy. Terols aren't about damage, its about landing a hit to add extra damage, so if you plan to never miss, make that Shamos Terol. It works like a charm and you don't have to spend huge chunks of warpoints for no reason! You can drop that thing from simple bosses and weight enchanting is super easy.

Hypershot weapons

Omega Mount.png

Yes you have that skill. Yes you can use it. Enchants? Pierce. Drops? doesn't. You have to finish side story missions on Aerial Strike, specifically Moon map missions to get letters combined in factory to get the weapon, or Auction House. Do you need it? No, probably not. Does it kill the rest of the camp after a BG uses BB? Oh yes.


Armors are the most essential tool for your survival and damage in this game. In Chrome Rivals, you will need to own more than one armor, to be able to hit and kill every type of gear and build that is running around the server. Under the pictures will be tips on how to build said armors accordingly, so that you maximize its potent ability.

Advanced Revival

The first set of pictures is your standard Warpoint armor for your gear that you can acquire in War Point Shop:

Advanced Revival Guarder V1.png Advanced Revival Guarder V2.png Advanced Revival Guarder V3.png

The armors are the first thing you can acquire, unless you find it cheaper in Auction House. The final armor is pretty decent but not the best armor in game as, you will see reading forward. I would generally build this armor with both Testament of Testament fixes for pierce and Origin of Origin fixes for accuracy and go for full defense enchants.

Halloween armors

Now, the past events gave upgrades for the Advanced Revival V3 armor which made its potency even bigger and evolved it into a meta armor, which means its one of the best if not the best armor to have in this game. Nowadays, this armor can only be acquired by other players either by trading or from Auction House. Pictures below:

Grim Revival Guarder.png Grim Revival Guarder V2.png Tarantula Guarder.png

As you can see, the Grim Revival V2 is and upgrade from the Grim Revival and has pretty nice ratio compared to boss armors which will be shown below. It is a sacrifice of 1,5% defense and 1,5% pierce compared to boss armors for over 1000 HP and 3,5% accuracy to gain. Build it with both Testament of Testament fixes for pierce and Origin of Origin fixes for accuracy and go for full defense enchants. Dare i say, if u want a third option dueling against full attack IGs my go-to tip is go for Tyranny of Tyranny fixes as its the best min-max/accuracy fix out there and trust me, it works for that specific situation EVERY TIME. If you feel like this armor beats the boss ones, you should start searching for this. Also, Tarantula guarder is here for reference on how bad a meta armor can become and definitely not a recommendation, unless you're trying for a specific IG airsiege chasing armor with Origin of Origin fixes (i have seen myself leave an IG on 100 hp more than i can admit and that 5% standard distance can really mean death or 100hp duel, trust me on that one). That pretty much covers what i did with these armors.

HP armors

Next up, an armor for Health Point lovers, which can be obtained from War Point Shop:

Advanced Schneider Guarder V1.png Advanced Schneider Guarder V2.png Advanced Schneider Guarder V3.png

Pretty standard stuff. I would build also with both Testament of Testament fixes for pierce and Origin of Origin fixes for accuracy and go for full shield/energy enchants or full defense enchants, either way works and is highly dependant on what you target with this armor.

Boss armors

Now for the main course. The Boss Armors can be acquired rather easy nowadays as there is plenty for these to go around after 4 years of endless looting by players. They drop from boss armor capsules, specific bosses that will be explained under armors, Unknown A-Gear-s that spawn in Eopi, trading with players or from Auction House.


Creticus Guarder.png Qart's Cloak Guarder.png

The Creticus Guarder is designed for accuracy or to go against IGs, BGs with evasion and anything else that dares go evasion for reasons unknown to myself. They drop from every single Pandea map chain bosses, including golden mobs. The best armor fixes is Origin of Origin, as it shells out the most accuracy and makes the most out of this armor, tho you can consider going Tyranny of Tyranny. Origin of Origin gives 18% standard radar range which is the best, because IGs tend to keep distance from AGs, and 20% min-max on Tyranny of Tyranny can be a great close quarters brawler against anything that keeps being close to you, which you will rarely encounter.


Quellease Guarder.png Jormungandr Guarder.png

Quellease Guarder is designed for pierce or to go at anything that has defense. Ordin from the moon map Eopi drops this armor, as well as golden mobs in the map. The best armor fixes for this are Testament of Testament, period. Main go-to armor once you get the final armor.

Event armors

These armors are old event armors. Currently they can only be obtained from other players or by buying it for a hefty price at Auction House:

A-Gear's Sleigh.png Ultra Block Guarder.png


Tactical Radar.png Radar SOTH.png Hover Radar.png


Siege Mode Skill Icon.png List of A-Gear skills available here.

Wiki conclusion

This is very much a guide on how you can grow as an AG. But don't take this things as definitive code to hold on. Take it more like guidelines to yourself. There is never an end to building yourself as in weapons and armors, as in skills of duel and combat in wars and that requires experience on battlefield. And a small note: there are always people who hate on AGs. Its kind of a trend and something to ignore as you move on in this game. Arm yourself with patience and good luck out there! Its been a pleasure to work on this page and to keep editing it as time moves on!