Mothership War

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MS WAR.png

Mothership War/MS is big war-type event, occurring every week (mostly Saturday, Sunday).

The goal of this event is to destroy enemy Mothership, before 2 Hour timer runs out.

  • On each nation's territories map, Strategic Points are spawned.
  • Attacking nation can't respawn normally during this event. If you die, you are sent back to your city. Angel Wing's are disabled too. That's where teleport come in handy.
  • Teleport spawns after Strategic Point is defeated. Nation leaders can activate those. After activation, which takes exactly 3 min, you can respawn on them. Teleports can be destroyed by defending nation.

BCU's Mothership (Anubis) is located in Tylent Jungle.

ANI's Mothership (Horos) is located in Reynard Beach.

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