Nation Transfer

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Chrome Rivals is the only server offering Transfer option freely and in an automatic way. You can move from ANI to BCU and from BCU to ANI.

To start the transfer, first you need to have your Discord account linked with an in-game account. To do that click the top-right Discord icon in-game with Discord open(needs to be Discord app, not a web page) or visit or use /cr account link command in Discord #bot channel or CR Bot PMs.

When your discord is connected to an in-game account, head out to Chrome Rivals Transfer website (Account->Nation Transfer): or use /cr account nation-transfer command in Discord #bot channel.

Be aware, that depending on the balance situation on the server, your transfer might be accepted or denied.

If you want to apply for Brigade transfer, open a support ticket with /cr ticket create command in Discord #bot channel or CR Bot PMs.