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Top Member role on CR discord server is an automated role to keep tracking of who's contributing the most in our community! This role is granted to the top 30 communicators in our Discord community, granting them access to the exclusive spoilers channel and write permissions in the game-linked trade channel and international channel.

How is determined who's in top 30?

Each user with a linked Discord account has now assigned a "score" called Community Points, the top 30 will be awarded with the new exclusive role!

How can i obtain Community Points?

The users are granted a specific random amount of Community Points depending on the action they execute on our Discord server. In order to prevent the spam, each action has a specific cooldown in seconds, which is picked randomly. Of course, any abuse of this system will get you excluded from it.

Which actions rewards Community Points?

The actions and their cooldowns are described below:

  • Message Sent -> 1-15 points awarded, 1-30 seconds cooldown
  • Suggestion Submit -> 1-20 points awarded, 1-300 seconds cooldown
  • Suggestion Vote -> 1-5 points awarded, 1-30 seconds cooldown
  • Message Reaction (will be added up to suggestions and videos voting) -> 1-10 points awarded, 1-30 seconds cooldown
  • Video Submit -> 1-20 points awarded, 1-600 seconds cooldown
  • Video Vote -> 1-5 points awarded, 1-60 seconds cooldown
  • Video Accepted -> 1-20 points awarded (no cooldown)

I'm in top 30, what's now?

Just wait, our bot goes through all our Discord users every ~24 hours, picking the top 30 communicators. You will get a DM notification if you joined the top 30 or you left it because you were not enough active.