Outpost War

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Outpost war/Base war, are events that happen usually every week at 20:00 Server time. They last exactly 1 hour.

First the enemy Protector must be destroyed to begin taking control. The brigade which did most damage to the protector is given authority to replace the core (shift will take 10min). If successful, new Protector is created and the corresponding brigade is now in possession of the base. The enemy nation will get towned. If the core is killed during system shift, the protector will get back to it's old state. The brigade which is in control of the core at the end of the event, wins the base.

List of Outposts



  • Bark
  • Bark City Skies



  • Sunshine Born
  • Castle Corona



  • Rock's Nest Top/Fantasy Flow
  • Mesos Floor

NGC Outpost

NGC Millitary Base.png

  • NGC Secret Base
  • NGC Warship Hangar

Outpost Buffs

Outpost buffs are given to the brigade that currently own a base.

All outposts give:

  • Weapon's Attack (min) (Std): +5%
  • Weapon's Attack (min) (Adv): +5%
  • Weapon's Attack (max) (Std): +5%
  • Weapon's Attack (max) (Adv): +5%

Plus some special outpost-only buffs:


  • WP Reward: +200%


  • Killmark Shop Prices: -20%


  • Gold Coin Shop prices: -30%
  • Boss Token Shop prices: -30%

NGC Outpost:

  • War Point Shop prices: -10%