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PET V1.png

P.E.T. or Personal Electronic Toy is special gear, designed as your companion, which can provide you some additional buffs and makes your kits/buffs activate automatically.

Can be Enchanted with Gamble Cards to add Prefix/Suffix.


There are currently 3 Tiers of PET:

V-1 for level 50

V-2 for level 100

V-3 for level 105

Basic Functions
V-1 V-2 V-3
Walking Speed 25% 50% 100%
EXP from monsters 500% 1500% 2500%
WP reward 100%
Pet Fragment Card.png
Pet Upgrade Card.png

All can be upgraded to higher version using corresponding PET Upgrade Card and additional Pet Upgrade Fragment Cards.

  • You can craft PET Upgrade Card with 20x PET Upgrade Card Fragments.

E.g. You want to craft PET V-2.

Basic Crafting requires your PET V-1 and PET V-2 Upgrade Card. That has only 50% chances of successful craft.

You can get better percentage by adding PET V-2 Upgrade Card Fragments. You can add maximum of 30 pieces, which will give you 80% successful crafting percentage.

Pet V2 Crafting.png

The same thing goes for upgrading your PET from V-2 to V-3, using PET V-2, PET V-3 Upgrade Card and PET V-3 Upgrade Card Fragments . Tho, the maximum PET V-3 Upgrade Card Fragments you can add is 20, changing the craft from basic 30%, to maximum 50% successful crafting percentage.

Pet V3 Crafting.png


Auto Buff Socket.png
Auto Kit Socket.png

Auto Buff and Auto Kit Sockets are special items for PET that allows you to automatically use buff and kit. They have special place in your Partner window (Gear Info>Partner). You can simply drag-drop them from your inventory there.

Obtained from missions, CRP Shop, Killmark Shop, Event Shop, Daily Gems or from Green Tokens.

For your PET to use better kits and use more buffs, you need to level him up.

You can pick how much EXP your PET will get from your grind, using a slider.

Maximum level of PET is 25.

And yes, you can, name him.

Pet Menu.png

On Each PET-level you will get access to more buff slots and better kits to use.

Socket Buff Slot.png

Buffs will pop up automatically after Socket activation, if there is no cooldown on them.

Socket Kit Slot.png

You can drag-drop kits you want to use there from your inventory.

By changing position of the sliders, you can pick when your kits will activate.

E.g. When your Shield is down to 95% the PET will use Shield Kit of your desire. This can't be stacked with manual kitting.

You can/'need to' turn them on(and off) every time you want to use them. Simply drag Sockets from Partner window to your Skill bar:

Socket in bar.png

When toggled, you should see special buff icon on your screen (top/kinda left):

Socket Activated.png

PET Enhancement

Def Enhancement.png

PET Enhancement are, well.. enhancements for you PET. They can only be applied to PET V-3.

Defense Evasion Shield War Points PvE
Defense vs. Std.: +2% Evasion vs. Std.: +2% Shield Capasity: +500 WP Reward: +100% Drop rate from Monsters: +50%
Defense vs. Adv.: +2% Evasion vs. Adv.: +2% EXP rate from Monsters: +1000%
Std. Attack vs. Non-War Monsters: +20%
Adv. Attack vs. Non-War Monsters: +20%
Defense vs. Monsters: +20%
Evasion vs. Monsters: +20%

You apply Enhancement with 50x Pet V-3 Upgrade card to your PET V-3 in Factory.

PET with Enhancement Crafting.png

Enhancement are crafted from Enhancement Fragments, which drop during seasonal event. You can use Ancient Matter to get higher successful crafting percentage.

Enhancement Crafting.png

If you wanna change enhancement on your PET, first you need to remove existing PET effect from it (if there is one) with Default PET Effect card, purchased from Custom Cosmetic Shop. Then just combine your PET with new Enhancement Card.

PET Contour/Effect

You can apply contours and weapon effects for your PET. Visit Custom Cosmetic Shop in city for them. Then head out to Factory to combine them.

Contours are also available in CRP Shop.

PET Std. effect reset/default card is obtained from Custom Cosmetic Shop. It costs SPI, not Cosmetic Token.

Contour will change in city, and when flying.

Those flying things besides your gear is your PET.

Megakeeper PET Contour

Megakeeper PET Contour/1st Contest Veil Armor Contour

You can view all PET Contours here.

See also: Ionizing Particles.