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FFA (Free For All) is a PvP event where you can shoot and kill any player regardless of their nation and you get the normal kill rewards for them. It is a good way to patricipate in PvP without the need of being fully equipped.
Killing 5 enemies without dying will grand you one streak point.

In FFA players are unable to use Special Skills (Such as Silence, Purify, etc.) and can't create or join formations. This also means that M-Gears can't use Ragings or Formation Heals, so to compensate for that, M-Gears have a special map-wide buff which gives more attack power:

FFA MG Ragings
Weapon's Attack (min) (Std) +15%
Weapon's Attack (max) (Std) +15%
Weapon's Attack (min) (Adv) +15%
Weapon's Attack (max) (Adv) +15%

With every kill you made in FFA Map, part of your Energy and Shield will be restored.

Shield / Energy FFA kill Restoration
Killing B-Gear Shield: +4000 / Energy: +8000
Killing I-Gear Shield: +4000 / Energy: +8000
Killing M-Gear Shield: +4000 / Energy: +5000
Killing A-Gear Shield: +4000 / Energy: +5000

FFA Reward capsule content


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