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This page contains all items used in gambling and a little Guide.


All the cards can be obtained as a mob drop and from War Point Shop, Slotmachines or from CRP Shop.

List of Cards
3737558709.png Prefix Armor Super Gamble Card
3737558671.png Suffix Armor Super Gamble Card
3737594181.png Prefix Std. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593549.png Suffix Std. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593543.png Prefix Adv. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737593561.png Suffix Adv. Wpn. Super Gamble Card
3737347215.png Prefix PET Super Gamble Card
3737347201.png Suffix PET Super Gamble Card
3737593801.png Prefix Removal Card
3737593795.png Suffix Removal Card


Fix Add
Fix Remove

You enchant items in Laboratory.

To add a fix to your equipment, get the corresponding card to that and combine them in Laboratory. To remove a fix do the same with Removal Card.

List of all available fixes: Fixes

See Also: Enchanting