M-Gear Armor Contours

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Orca Defender.jpg
Orca Defender
Dominion Defender.jpg
Dominion Defender
Magnetic Defender.jpg
Magnetic Defender
Eagle Defender.jpg
Eagle Defender
Wolf Defender.jpg
Wolf Defender
Dragon Fly Defender.jpg
Dragon Fly Defender
Emerald Turtle Defender.jpg
Emerald Turtle Defender
Choristi Defender.jpg
Choristi Defender
Harrier Defender.jpg
Harrier Defender
Grinder Defender.jpg
Grinder Defender
Machine Defender.jpg
Machine Defender
Scorpion Defender.jpg
Scorpion Defender
Rattlesnake Defender.jpg
Rattlesnake Defender
Python Defender.jpg
Python Defender
Manes Defender.jpg
Manes Defender
Soul of Phillon Defender Slotmachine.jpg
Soul of Phillon Defender Slotmachine
Rigid Defender.jpg
Rigid Defender
Fortune Defender.jpg
Fortune Defender
Warfare Defender.jpg
Warfare Defender
Pearl Defender.jpg
Pearl Defender
Amore Defender.jpg
Amore Defender
Valentines Defender.jpg
Valentines Defender
Soul of Phillon Defender.jpg
Soul of Phillon Defender
Jealousy Defender.jpg
Jealousy Defender
Artful Defender.jpg
Artful Defender
Korea Defender.jpg
Korea Defender
Vietnam Defender.jpg
Vietnam Defender
Berith Defender.jpg
Berith Defender
Red Berith Defender.jpg
Red Berith Defender
Tyranus Defender.jpg
Tyranus Defender
Retro Defender.jpg
Retro Defender
Mecha Defender.jpg
Mecha Defender
Ice Cream Defender.jpg
Ice Cream Defender
Watermelon Defender.jpg
Watermelon Defender
Ultra Block Defender.jpg
Ultra Block Defender
Heavy Fortress Defender.jpg
Heavy Fortress Defender
New Years 2013 Defender.jpg
New Years 2013 Defender
1st Contest Defender.jpg
1st Contest Defender
2nd Contest Defender.jpg
2nd Contest Defender
Halloween Defender.jpg
Halloween Defender
Advanced Rigid Defender.jpg
Advanced Rigid Defender
NGC Defender.jpg
NGC Defender
Reiz Panzer Defender.jpg
Reiz Panzer Defender
Goalkeeper Defender.jpg
Goalkeeper Defender
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Red MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Red
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Blue MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Blue
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Yellow MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Yellow
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Red MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Red
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Blue MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Blue
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Yellow MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Yellow
GNGWC 2011 Final - Red MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Red
GNGWC 2011 Final - Blue MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Blue
GNGWC 2011 Final - Yellow MG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Yellow
GNGWC 2012 Final - Red MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Red
GNGWC 2012 Final - Blue MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Blue
GNGWC 2012 Final - Yellow MG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Yellow
Line Defender.jpg
Line Defender
2nd Mecha Defender.jpg
2nd Mecha Defender
Sky Defender Edition.jpg
Sky Defender Edition
Phillon Bat Defender.jpg
Phillon Bat Defender
Bionic Guesper Defender.jpg
Bionic Guesper Defender
Soccer Fever Defender.jpg
Soccer Fever Defender
Army Defender.jpg
Army Defender
Independence Defender.jpg
Independence Defender
High Speed Defender.jpg
High Speed Defender
Old Helly Defender.jpg
Old Helly Defender
Old Bischelle Defender.jpg
Old Bischelle Defender
Old Tower Defender.jpg
Old Tower Defender
Old Circle Defender.jpg
Old Circle Defender
Dimension Sky Defender.jpg
Dimension Sky Defender
Life Guard Defender.jpg
Life Guard Defender
Sharp Partizan Defender.jpg
Sharp Partizan Defender
F-22 Raptor Defender.jpg
F-22 Raptor Defender

ChromeRivals Original Armor Contours

Added in Sands of Lahoun: Unveiling the Tomb of Serket event. Contours listed below can be purchased from CR Store.

Graceful Soul of Philion Defender.png
Graceful Soul of Philion Defender
Neon Soul of Philion Defender.png
Neon Soul of Philion Defender
Graceful Rigid Defender.png
Graceful Rigid Defender
Neon Rigid Defender.png
Neon Rigid Defender
Graceful Jealousy Defender.png
Graceful Jealousy Defender
Neon Jealousy Defender.png
Neon Jealousy Defender