A-Gear Armor Contours

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Metal Jacket Guarder.jpg
Metal Jacket Guarder
Armadillo Guarder.jpg
Armadillo Guarder
Bison Guarder.jpg
Bison Guarder
Silver Guarder.jpg
Silver Guarder
Red Bear Guarder.jpg
Red Bear Guarder
Xanthi Guarder.jpg
Xanthi Guarder
Quellease Guarder 1.jpg
Quellease Guarder 1
Tiger Guarder.jpg
Tiger Guarder
Rhino Guarder.jpg
Rhino Guarder
Razor Guarder.jpg
Razor Guarder
Masquerade Guarder.jpg
Masquerade Guarder
Formua Guarder.jpg
Formua Guarder
Sledge Guarder.jpg
Sledge Guarder
Lucid Guarder.jpg
Lucid Guarder
Crocodile Guarder.jpg
Crocodile Guarder
Orcus Guarder.jpg
Orcus Guarder
Hercules Guarder.jpg
Hercules Guarder
Revival Guarder.jpg
Revival Guarder
Wealth Guarder.jpg
Wealth Guarder
Pestilence Guarder.jpg
Pestilence Guarder
Steel Guarder.jpg
Steel Guarder
Love Guarder.jpg
Love Guarder
Valentines Guarder.jpg
Valentines Guarder
Quellease Guarder 2.jpg
Quellease Guarder 2
Creticus Guarder.jpg
Creticus Guarder
Integral Guarder.jpg
Integral Guarder
Korea Guarder.jpg
Korea Guarder
Vietnam Guarder.jpg
Vietnam Guarder
Eligor Guarder.jpg
Eligor Guarder
Red Eligor Guarder.jpg
Red Eligor Guarder
Obsidian Guarder.jpg
Obsidian Guarder
Retro Guarder.jpg
Retro Guarder
Mech Guarder.jpg
Mech Guarder
Ice Cream Guarder.jpg
Ice Cream Guarder
Watermelon Guarder.jpg
Watermelon Guarder
Ultra Block Guarder.jpg
Ultra Block Guarder
Strong Sherman Guarder.jpg
Strong Sherman Guarder
New Years 2013 Guarder.jpg
New Years 2013 Guarder
1st Contest Guarder.jpg
1st Contest Guarder
2nd Contest Guarder.jpg
2nd Contest Guarder
Halloween Guarder.jpg
Halloween Guarder
Advanced Revival Guarder.jpg
Advanced Revival Guarder
Christmas Truck Guarder.jpg
Christmas Truck Guarder
NGC Guarder.jpg
NGC Guarder
Reiz Panzer Guarder.jpg
Reiz Panzer Guarder
Fullback Guarder.jpg
Fullback Guarder
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Red - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Red
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Blue - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Blue
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Yellow - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Regional - Yellow
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Red - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Red
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Blue - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Blue
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Yellow - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Regional - Yellow
GNGWC 2011 Final - Red - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Red
GNGWC 2011 Final - Blue - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Blue
GNGWC 2011 Final - Yellow - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2011 Final - Yellow
GNGWC 2012 Final - Red - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Red
GNGWC 2012 Final - Blue - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Blue
GNGWC 2012 Final - Yellow - AG.jpg
GNGWC 2012 Final - Yellow
Line Guarder.jpg
Line Guarder
2nd Mecha Guarder.jpg
2nd Mecha Guarder
Sky Guarder Edition.jpg
Sky Guarder Edition
Phillon Bat Guarder.jpg
Phillon Bat Guarder
Bionic Rascal Guarder.jpg
Bionic Rascal Guarder
Soccer Fever Guarder.jpg
Soccer Fever Guarder
Army Guarder.jpg
Army Guarder
Independence Guarder.jpg
Independence Guarder
High Speed Guarder.jpg
High Speed Guarder
Old Schneider Guarder.jpg
Old Schneider Guarder
Old Double Coat Guarder.jpg
Old Double Coat Guarder
Old Grizzly Guarder.jpg
Old Grizzly Guarder
Old Blazer Guarder.jpg
Old Blazer Guarder
Heaven's Shell Guarder.jpg
Heaven's Shell Guarder
Desert Camo Guarder.jpg
Desert Camo Guarder
Sharp Pole Guarder.jpg
Sharp Pole Guarder
F-22 Raptor Guarder.jpg
F-22 Raptor Guarder

ChromeRivals Original Armor Contours

Added in Sands of Lahoun: Unveiling the Tomb of Serket event. Contours listed below can be purchased from CR Store.

Graceful Quellease Guarder.png
Graceful Quellease Guarder
Neon Quellease Guarder.png
Neon Quellease Guarder
Graceful Creticus Guarder.png
Graceful Creticus Guarder
Neon Creticus Guarder.png
Neon Creticus Guarder
Graceful Advanced Revival Guarder.png
Graceful Advanced Revival Guarder
Neon Advanced Revival Guarder.png
Neon Advanced Revival Guarder