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ChromeRivals provides a safe environment for all types of players, we ensure that these rules are being kept up to date and we are strictly monitoring for any rule breakers. The rules are divided into different sections. The discord server and the game rules. The rules are also available in different languages.

Discord server rules in English

1. Do not flame others in public chats. If you need to talk to someone personally then do it in private chat.

2. Keep it ENGLISH in every chat EXCEPT for the ones designated for your language(international category). Your language not there? Ask one of the admins to make a channel for it.

3. Refrain from asking questions already answered in general-information or announcements. We understand you want info, but please put some effort into searching before you bother staff.

4. Racism/sexism can lead to a mute or a ban. Please respect others regardless of their nationality or world views.

5. Advertising any other servers here is not tolerated! Casually mentioning them is allowed.

6. Do not spam mindlessly. Random tagging will be punished.

7. To use bot commands, use them in the channel #bot-cmd and nowhere else. This channel is there to prevent clutter in other channels.

8. Sending pornographic or otherwise Not Safe For Work(NSFW) content is not allowed. Ignoring this rule can be punished with a mute or ban.

9. #General is meant for Chrome Rivals or generally Ace related talk. While we understand going offtopic is very easy try to keep other talk in the #off_topic channel.

10. The rules can change at any time. A change will be announced, but it's best to check whenever you're unsure.

Important Note: The in-game rules are noted in ChromeRivals. The punishment for breaking these rules can go from muting up to banning from the discord server, and in some cases, the game server. Doing so is at staff discretion. Be sure to ask questions whether one is uncertain about some instances, happy hunting!

You've been banned and you think it's a mistake? Don't worry, you can join the discord and open a ticket with the command /cr ticket create in the #Bot channel. The staff members will give you an answer as soon as they are available and unban you if it was indeed a mistake.