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Becoming the Leader of nation

First thing to become a nation leader is to apply to elections. They happen every month with candidate term period and voting period. Every account has one vote to use. Candidate with more votes wins the elections.


To apply as election candidate you need to fulfill certain conditions, which are:

  • Be a brigade leader
  • Have 1k personal fame
  • Have 1k brigade monthly fame
  • Have 10+ members in your brigade
  • Not own an outpost

Powers of Nation Leader

Brightness of the Leader.png


  • Lime color name
  • Access to leader chat
  • Free Warp Shop
  • Access to Outposts owned by your nation
  • Access to Warfunds (Nation Leader receive some WP from shop income)


When you win the election you will get some special items:


Brightness of the SubLeader.png

Appointing person as sub-leader

/appointment1 name  Appoints a player as first Sub-Leader.

/appointment2 name  Appoints a player as second Sub-Leader.

Note: Player that you want to appoint, needs to be online. Also don't forget about colored names!




1.General Commander BCU Leader

2.Deputy Commander 1st BCU Sub-Leader

3.Chief of Staff 2nd BCU Sub-Leader


1.Chairman ANI Leader

2.Vice-Chairman 1st ANI Sub-Leader

3.Strategy Director 2nd ANI Sub-Leader