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In Chrome Rivals, formations are a 6 pilot squad with roughly 1 M-Gear to heal, buff and support the other 5 Gears or 6 Gears without an M-Gear in a tightly or loosely coordinated war or event. Formations are open by default, but can be locked with a password if u want to block unwanted access from other players, you can also set them to require a formation leader invite to join, either when creating them or afterwards in formation settings.
When in formation, you can see your formation members on your HUD on the left, where you can see their names, which will be highlighted if they're in the same map as you are, and then you can also see their energy and shield bars. Moreover, they will be also visible on your minimap, so you can know their exact location and movements so that you can coordinate attacks and defenses more tightly. The more coordinated forms in a war listening to directions from the highest ranked leader online, the better the nation.

All formation patterns and buffs are listed below.

Flight Pattern Name Function
Collumn Flight Formation.png Column - Echelon B Echelon B Formation Buff Icon.png Speed +100 m/s
Line Flight Formation.png Line - Echelon A Echelon A Formation Buff Icon.png Pierce of Std. and Adv. Weapon +7%
A Shape Flight Formation.png A Shape - Wedge Wedge Formation Buff Icon.png Attack of Std. and Adv. Weapon +10%
V Shape Flight Formation.png V Shape - Inverted Wedge Inverted Wedge Formation Buff Icon.png Allows mid-air hovering
Box Flight Formation.png Box - Bell Bell Formation Buff Icon.png Evasion +2.75%
Slant Flight Formation.png Slant - Inverted Bell Inverted Bell Formation Buff Icon.png Defense +2.75%
Wall Flight Formation.png Wall - Wall Wall Formation Buff Icon.png Damage sharing 50%
Arrow Flight Formation.png Arrow - Arrow Arrow Formation Buff Icon.png Multi-Target +2, Valid Angle +115°