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You can change the appearance of your character with Character Change Card. It can be obtained from CRP Shop or from Green Slotmachine.

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Name: Ceris Valdergrann
Age: 28
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 52 kg

She is a gifted pilot with great practical abilities with her GEAR. As beautiful as she is skilled, Ceris is one of the best known pilots to date. Her character is not introspective, but she has a strange atmosphere around her that makes it hard for others to talk to her. Therefore she doesn't have many friends. Just a little drop of alcohol turns her though into a very talkative person. Usually, she talks very frankly and abusively, but when she had a drink she changes completely and becomes a very communicative and funny person. She has a somewhat dark side, and tends to think deeply about things in a pessimistic manner, turning her into being very cold and unforgiving in combat. She has a peculiar voice that can be identified as soon as one hears her transmission. The art of her speech seems to have a special power which motivates and activates other people. However, she also has a dull side to her character. She is slow at calculations and inexperienced concerning the world. Recently, she was interested in a duet with Lena Anderson, a former operator, now a government official. After the outbreak of the war, she was disgusted with the present Bygeniou government, and moved to A.N.I, which is of anti-government character. There, she met the person she may be destined to spend her life with.